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Our People

Development in NAVER Z is unpredictable and challenging. However, working with the best colleagues makes it worth it.

Kim Ho-jung Android Engineer

The personality of our service also extends to our development culture. Working to create an enjoyable world makes it a fun environment!

Bae Pil-ju Android Engineer

We work on projects with endless possibilities. Being able to collaborate freely and efficiently with your colleagues is also a plus.

Lee Gyu-tae Unity Engineer

I feel accomplished by gaining Unity-related experience, such as collaboration with Unity developers and Unity code review.

Kang Kyung-won iOS Engineer

It was interesting and fun to develop an iOS app including Unity for the first time. I'm proud to see global users enjoying our work.

Lee Ye-rim iOS Engineer

I hope we can create a new world with people from all around the world. The best developer colleagues are waiting!

Chang Hyo-bong Backend Engineer

Using metaverse data, we are conducting research and development of AI models to create a safer ZEPETO.

Ko Jae-yeong AI/ML Engineer

We are conducting research with no easy answers found in the latest papers or published AI models. It's difficult, but very rewarding.

Cho Jung-seok AI/ML Engineer

I'm proud to work with the large volume of traffic that I've been thirsting for before, and to have the ability to safely digest it.

Choi Seung-hwan Backend Engineer

Our Culture

Because we believe great ideas come from a fun environment, we encourage the free flow of ideas. The joy in this diverse exchange is poured into everything we create.

How We Work

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    Flexible & Open to Change

    To introduce various services with ever-changing trends, we view the world and our work with an open-minded perspective for change.

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    Always a New Perspective

    We approach projects with a positive and proactive mentality, in order to make our process as exciting as the experience we want to bring to users.

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    Upbeat and Enterprising

    Every person draws a new idea and vision to create a new joy never experienced before.

  • 04

    Synergy through Open Communication

    We respect and develop our colleagues' ideas with an open mind beyond our respective fields, to create a synergy beyond simple teamwork.